Germy's Tripod Project part 2

No idea, I'm looking at this thing and thinking I have no idea how to paint it. I looked at various painting guides on the web, you tube how to videoes. Everyone uses an airbrush on vehicles of this size but I don't have one. As always I start by keeping it simple, go for a simple metalic finish or something.

I sprayed the whole thing with grey car primer and got a really nice even coat across the whole model. I then thought I'd try the same recipe as the rusting burnt out wrecks I'd painted before. I like the subtle metalic sheen I got with those colours. So after the primer I painted the whole model with Coat d'Arms Iron Grey. It has a nice blue tint to it.

I then drybrushed the whole model with Coat d'Arms Gun Metal. I used a very big brush and after the first sweep of dry brushing found my using the brush to almost polish the model. This gave a nice even metal colour.

Reverting to type i then applied an ink wash of watered down Coat d'Arms Armour wash acros the whole model to collect in the grooves of the legs and other parts.

At this point I had a nice metalic looking tripod and did consider painting the front and back plates in a completely different colour like a yellow or very light grey. But in the end I remembered a pot of paint I had bought but never used. Coat d'Arms Enchanted Green. It is basically metalic green for painting fantasy elves magic weapons or something similar. Using it carefully I then used it to drybrush the model but only the body and head. I left the arms, legs and neck as the normal metal colour.

It came out so much better than I ever expected. I finished off by adding a light grey drybrush to the cable arms and neck to draw out the colour away from the metal. I also used the Enchanted Green as a highlight on some of the edges. astly I used a simple green ink wash to paint the bulb and inside casing of the light. You can see here that it was successful enough to give a green tint.

The base was done using a standard sand style of flock with some bits of slate to cover up the whole in the CD and it looked nice. I'm just so pleased with how this model came out. Considering it really is made out of just a cheap reading light, mini camera tripod and a computer cable, I'm biased but I think it looks fantastic!