For my own 2mm Sci Fi rules I wanted huge combat machines to play a part. I was orinigally only going to use Mechs for this roll, but as I had already used some of Ground Zero Games Drones from their 15mm range to compliment my 2mm miniatures as larger walkers and tanks. I thought it would be a good idea to see if I could re-purpose more non 2mm miniatures for my game. With some help from GZG I constructed three massive battle tanks from existing 15mm and 6mm miniatures.

Utilising the hulls from the tracked and wheeled drones along with turrets from 6mm and 15mm vehicles I managed to create an effective looking set of 'tower over the battlefield' type combat machines. Obviously I'm going to be biased but I think the end results were rather good.

The smaller turrets start to dictate the scale of the vehicle but I think they would also work well for 6mm games. In the picture you can see one of the new tanks alongside the existing 2mm Cyber Tank. As this new tank will be joining the ranks of the Cyber Tank I used a similar paint scheme on it.

Again we see the same tank but this time alongside other units from my 2mm Sci-fi game. The walker and small stacked units are from the Germy 2mm range, the larger tracked unit is a drone from GZG's 15mm range that I have used exactly as it comes. I think it demonstrates well the ability to mix scales in Sci-Fi gaming.

The spider drones were one of the first miniatures I picked up to play the role of Mechs in my game. The drone on the right is in it's original form. For the one on the left I used a turret from another vehicle (cannot remember which one!) that had a similar style to it, to create a differently armed walker.
I have always used miniatures from different scales in my Sci-Fi games. I tend to ignore the given scale and simply work on a basis of what looks right. I'm thoroughly enjoying this form of kit bashing and will be trawling further through GZG's catalogue to see what else I can cobble together.

Stay tunned for more updates.