2mm Project "Armoured Thrust"

Armoured Thrust is my own wargame using the 2mm miniatures I made for Ground Zero Games. 2012 saw two playtests of the rules and the feedback allowed me to revise how the game plays. All I really need to do now is bring it all together as a coherent game. Anyone who has written a wargame will know that is easier said than done.

So despite the game its self being some time away (although I might release a 'lite' version for more feed back) the development has allowed me to get more forces painted, produce some inspirational pictures for 2mm sci-fi gaming and has lead to the recent development of using 15mm vehicles from Ground Zero Games and repurposing them as mega tanks for 6mm or 2mm gaming.

The basic mechanics of the game follow closely those of the space wargame 'Full Thrust'. As you can see from the playtest pictures units consist of tanks, walkers, VTOL's and of course massive battle machines. The smaller units have a marker dice on their base to record hits. I didn't want too much record keeping so for what I term 'Basic Units' nothing needs to be written down during a game.

'Advanced Units' however represent the large battle machines and are constructed using the same system for making spaceships in Full Thrust. To that end they have a record sheet where damage to their systems is recorded. I'm trying to get the balance right between the massive units and the standard ones.

Because of the 2mm scale of the game it is also important to get a sense of many vehicles being involved in a battle. Here you can see the basic units with multiple vehicles per base depending on whether they are light, medium, heavy or super heavy. This method has also helped with identifying units and hopefully demonstrates to those gamers who say you might as well just use counters at this scale that they are talking rubbish.

The plan at this point is to try and put together a simple starting game with the basic rules for people to try and to also get the tower blocks shown in the picture ready for release. No idea when I'll manage that as 2013 is starting to fill up with gaming committments already!
But my plan is for 2013 to see more developments to Armoured Thrust.