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Germ.co.uk has always been offered free to gamers and hobbyists. That won't change but I would like to get the site to generate enough income to fund its self. My hosting package has to be free of adverts and sufficient enough to cope with 70,000+ unique visitors a year looking at 250,000 pages. What I'm offering is a sponsor style agreement where miniature/hobby companies can have their logo on some of the pages on Germy.co.uk for a small yearly contribution.
I don't have a set rate, but as a guide you could have your logo on the website for an entire year for say £50 (open to negotiation).
I try to update the website at least 4 times a year with announcements on several forums and on news sites like The Miniatures Page and Table Top Gaming News.
If you would like to sponsor Germy.co.uk please get in touch.

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About Germy.co.uk

Germ.co.uk was created in July 2001 and was then as it is now a means for me to make available the various resources and projects that I had created for my principal hobbies of table top wargaming and role-playing. The first items I put on this site where my 3D Dungeon floor plans and the following year those very same floor plans got a mention in Dragon Magazine. Since then I have included more free paper models on this site.
In late 2001 I became more heavily involved in the wargaming industry when I designed and started to managed two commercial hobby websites for Pendraken and PMC games.
Also in 2001 (busy year eh?) I started sculpting miniatures. I created a range of 6mm aliens for Brigade Models along with some alien spaceships and in 2004 I created 15mm versions of those same alien vehicles. I also sculpted some 10mm fantasy monster figures for Pendraken Miniatures. In 2006 I moved my Sculpting activties to a new website MiniGerm.com.
During this time I did work for Ground Zero Games, Black Cat Bases, Moonfleet Miniatures and Rattrap Productions as well as a number of private commisions. Although successful in promoting my sculpting it proved to be too much to maintain along with Germy.co.uk so in 2009 I started to work on a new website that would incorporate all of my hobby activities. I hope you find Germy.co.uk useful for your gaming.

If you have any comments about the site or content please drop me an e-mail. All designs and images on the website are Copyright Jeremey Claridge 2001-2013 or are reproduced here with permission of the owner.
You may use the images for the purposes of reviews, news stories. They may not be used for commercial gain or for your person website without permission.
You are not permitted to use images on Germy.co.uk in auction sites such as E-bay or similar.

E-Mail germ@germy.co.uk