Quick & Easy Bushes

My cheap battlefield project took me down to the pound shop where I came across a rather awful looking bird house. No bird in its right mind would ever have used it. But it had some great potential as vegetation for my battlefield.

When I first saw the birdhouse I was thinking I could take apart the green bits and create some hedgerows. This didn't really work as I soon discovered the green foliage was wrapped around a piece of wire. Once removed from that was just a flat leaf type structure.

So I moved on to the outer parts of the birdhouse, the reed type bits. First I separated them from the binding wire and then laid them out. They were bunched together into the larger stem bases you can see. So I cut them off at the base which left me with lots of single reed strands.

Using a bit of blue foam I had spare i made a number of holes, put some PVA glue on them and then started pushing the single strands through the glue into the base. I got a fair number of bases done like this before running out of the grass strands.

Once dried the PVA glue goes translucent, but I also added a bit more paint detail to the bases to better match my gaming mat. A pound shop birdhouse to half a dozen bushes for little or no effort.