Germy's Amazingly Cheap Battlefield

This project has taken me ages to get posted up onto the website. Following on from my Combat Zone project I wanted to do a game setup like the old computer game "UFO - Enemy Unknown", complete with crashed UFO, buildings, trees etc. Again the idea was to spend as little money as possible. I already had the figures, the gaming mat and paper buildings from my website. All I needed to do next was find something for trees, fencing and any other scenic items I fancied.

Off to the Pound Shop!

Well not quite, the first thing I did was have a look round the garden for something to make the trees with. Trees in wargames never work for me, they either get in the way or they are hopelessly out of scale. Take a walk in the woods and you soon see well established trees have trunks a couple of feet across. Also for some trees the lower branches are still 6 feet or more above the ground. In the garden I found the dried up branches of a bush I had cut down the previous year. They were perfect so I collected up a dozen suitable pieces. While collecting the branches I also had the idea of creating some kind of timber yard. So I cut lots of smaller branches up to make piles of sawn timber. Then it was off to the pound shop. There I found some plastic mesh to make the fencing, a bird house which I took apart to make the bushes and a bathroom mat for a field. Which left just the UFO its self. After quite an extensive search looking at various UFO models (all quite expensive) I started looking at toy spaceships. But nothing was quite right until it occurred to me that a frisbee might work. A quick Ebay search for frisbees produced a perfect hit of a UFO saucer design.

The Final Result

Total spent on the table layout £6.38. Not bad and I still have several meters of the plastic mesh to make the fences! I've produced a series of articles on making each of the parts. Click on the pictures on the right for the how I made the various scenery pieces. The game its self was put together for my clubs Open Day 2012. Here are some pictures of the game in action.

Aliens leave their crashed ship (Frisbee UFO and Heroscape Aliens - Repainted)

The town comes under attack (Alien miniatures from original Heroscape game)

Reinforcements arrive (EM4 Miniatures with Command conversion pack)