Germy's Cyber Project Part 2

This was going to be an easy paint job, Cybermen are silver. But which silver and how to preserve the detail or at least let it show through.

With the Cybermen in mind when walking around a local gaming show I decided to pick up some silver paints. I almost exclusively use Coat d'Arms paints but came across some Privateer Press paints at the show on offer. I picked up Cold Steel to act as the base coat and Quick Silver to use as a highlighter. I did also pick up Ironhull Grey for some of the detail and the weapons.

For a while now I have been using a grey primer spray paint from the car accessory store Halfords. This gives the best cover I have ever had from a spray paint. The Cybermen got a nice even coat and I then applied the Cold Steel over the entire miniature.

Next I applied a thin dark wash. I used Coat d'Arms Armour wash for that. Lots of other gamers suggested trying a blue wash instead as the black washes can often leave the model looking dirty, but I stuck to what I was familiar with on this occasion.

After the wash I went over with the Quick Silver to provide a highlight and ended with the Ironhull Grey for the weapon, eye sockets, pipework and detail on the collar. Also to distinquish rank amongst the Cybermen I painted the handlebars black for the Cyber Leader and used the grey to show which ones were Cyber Lieutenants. I'm happy with the results and I now have 49 1980's style Cybermen for my wargames. First test will be to put them up against my Dalek army. You can check out how the battle went here.