Germy's Alternative Cyber Project

Shortly after starting on my Cyberman project one of the hobby forums I used put up links to other designs and fan art of Cybermen. Then someone pointed out that the Assault troopers from Akulas Galactic Armies would be a good proxy for Cybermen.

A very generous act followed with Akula sending me a set of the miniatures to try my conversion ideas on. The miniatures were slimmer than the ones I used for the main part of my Cybermen project and so I made a smaller version of the collar and head. The guns I left as they were on the original miniature as i thought they looked quite good.

Converting these four miniatures as a separate project gave me an opportunity to test out some ideas. Here you can see the four collars in place and one of the smaller heads (face down) in front. I took off some parts of the original miniatures namely the off hand weapons which were grenades and knives. The miniatures came with head variations which meant I didn't have to cut those off to make way for the Cybermen ones.

Once completed I sprayed the four miniatures with grey primer and then looked at painting them silver.

I took a very simple approach to painting the Cybermen. The grey primer got a covering of Cold Steel from the Privateer Press paints. This was a good starting silver and about the right tone I wanted.

I then applied a black wash, well Coat d'Arms Armour wash before highlighting with Privateer Press Quick Silver. The finishing touches were done with a grey to pick out the weapon pipework, eyes and head handlebars. For one of the Cybermen I painted the handlebars black for the Cyber Leader. I used the completed miniatures in the publicity shots for the Cybermen vs Dalek game I was putting on, here's a picture of the finished miniatures in the Cyber Control Room.