Germy's Dalek Project

Each year I try and put on a game at my clubs Open Day. But for some reason I always decide to start a project from scratch for this. With a dozen projects already on the go this is obviously not the thing to do. However I've been a complete sucker for the various plastic Daleks on the front of the Doctor Who Adventures magazine over the last 6 months. So much so that I now have a collection of over 160 of the damn things!

My plan for this many Daleks is to do a game based on the Dalek civil war between Davros' Imperial Daleks and the Renegades lead by the Supreme Dalek. Unfortunately most of the Daleks are the new iDalek design but they will do the job well enough and at an average cost of 16p a Dalek I'm not complaining..

I should never have lined them all up! Always a bad move before starting a painting project. One faction will be going white/ivory, while the other will be grey. At the moment I'm cleaning up mould lines and will look to create some special weapons versions. Not sure how many per side I'm going to get done between now and the Open Day on June 22nd. I'll post some more updates as I have them and then hopefully write the whole thing up as a project later. So stay tuned for Dalek Civil War!