Germy's Dalek Project part 3

Welcome to part 3 of my Dalek Project. After cleaning up the Daleks (and putting aside quite a few broken, damaged and miscast ones. I was left with 120 Daleks. 12 of these were the old style with the remaining 108 of the iDalek design. For this project I was going for a Dalek civil war scenario so that made it obvious to divide the two sides to 60 Daleks each.

My original plan was to do the Imperial and Renegade factions as they appear in the TV series. The Imperial faction were white and gold, whereas the Renegade faction were grey and black. Previous to this project I'd had a bit of trouble getting spray primer to work. I kept getting a poor finish, but didn't have the time to paint on an undercoat. I was also hoping to be able to spray one set with grey primer and the other with white and use it as the base coat to save time.
After discussing the primer problem on various forums the suggestion was to use car spray paint primer. So I bought the two colours and started on the models.

The grey primer worked very well, good coverage and coped with the different colour plastic Daleks. The white primer however turned into a disaster. You can see from the picture that the red Daleks colour kept bleeding through. Regardless of how many coats I applied it just wasn't working. I just didn't have the time to properly resolve this so decided to switch tactics and go for a different scheme. In the end I settled on the gold style of the time war Daleks.

So I dug out an old pot of Shining Gold (GW paint from at least 15 years ago!) and went over the white primer. I got very good coverage with it and once done I applied a brown ink wash to pick out the detail. Seeing some comments on other sites I did then paint the Dalek nodules (globes? not sure of the convention) with a lighter gold to make them stand out. This was a real production line moment as each Dalek had 48 bumps, making a total of 2280 to paint!

Next up I painted the arms, eye stalk, neck and bottom of the skirt black. The skirt and nect got a slight drybrush of grey to give them a highlight and the arms and eye stalk were dry brushed with gun metal. The final touch was to paint the eye on with a little electric blue.

After the disappointment of not getting the white to work I was very pleased with the results of the gold style. They certainly looked good in their massed ranks. You can also see in the picture the start of the Red Supreme Dalek. The Time War Daleks in the series had the Supreme Dalek as red and gold (it also had some extra bits attached to it which I might add later. For a finishing touch to this faction I painted a supporting guard unit of five Daleks with black bumps instead of gold.
At the very top of this picture you can see the first test of the grey Renegade Dalek faction.

The finished time war Daleks. The picture has made the gold look a bit flat and reduced the effect of the ink wash. But I'm happy with the result for the battlefield. I still need to flock and paint the bases (I used 2p coins mainly to add weight to the light hollow plastic miniatures). Below we have a shot of the two factions and the finished time war Supreme Dalek. You may of noticed that the Renegade Dalek has gone a darker grey. I found the primer too light so have painted them in a darker grey. Applied a black inkwash and a lighter grey drybrush and of course painted the bumps black. At this point I just have to finish the other 59 Renegade Daleks and then I'll be ready for part 4 of my Dalek project - the Terrain of Skaro!