Germy's Dalek Project part 4

At the end of part 3 of my Dalek project I was about to embark on painting the 60 Daleks for the Renegade faction. I was on a tight schedule to get these finished so quickly started on the neck, arms and eye stalk. These got painted black with the arms and eye stalk getting a drybrush of Gun Metal. I had left the body nodules to last because I had been able to paint them quite quickly on the Time War Daleks.

However when I took a paintbrush to them I quickly realised the error I had made. With the Time War Daleks I was painting light gold over darker gold. The colours blended well so that you could not see when I had not covered the nodule completely or where I had run onto the body.
With the Renegade faction I was painting black nodules onto a grey body. The first two Daleks took nearly 10 minutes each to paint and showed up ever mistake with the paintbrush! I needed to find some way of painting 2880 nodules in one sitting, from nowhere I had the idea of using a hollow tube to dip in paint and then use a bit like a rubber stamp on each nodule. It was such a success I made a video showing how to do it for others to follow.

Having managed to paint the Renegade faction I turned my attention to making some scenery. I had some old Robogear sets laying around and so finally put some together for the Dalek game. It fits together quite well but once assembled I did apply a little bit of glue to make it solid. I went for a simple metal paint scheme for this piece of terrain.

I wanted something very Dalek in style as a terrain piece and that opportunity came thanks to a fellow gamer was giving away a number of plastic Daleks and threw in a larger Dalek which also appeared on the cover of the magazine. I put this generous freebie to good use.

I stuck the Dalek to a polystyrene base and set about distressing both parts to give the impression of crumbling ancient stone.

I stuck to a sandstone colour scheme for the statue starting with a base coat of Khaki before a brown wash and hightlighted with sand and linen colours from the Coat D'arms range of paints. Obviously I'm biased but I think it came out quite well.

And so that is where I stopped on this project. All that was left was to do battle. There were moments when I didn't think I would finish it. I do still have to return to the idea of doing special weapons Daleks to give a bit of variety. But for now I will leave you with the group shot of all 120 Daleks and the first Battle Report of Dalek War!