Making Corrugated Iron Fences and Rusty Pipes

If you have read through my making Post Apocalyptic Ruins article you will see that I got as far as making the ruins and then decided to add some extra pieces of detail. I went for rusty pipes and corrugated iron to jazz up the runis. Also while making the corrugated iron pieces I decided to make fences out of them as well. This is a nice, simple an cheap method for making fences for your modern through to Sci-fi games.

As we can see it looks like a rusty piece of corrugated iron. Not bad for an off cut of corrugated cardboard even if I do say so myself. Can you tell I was surprised by the result!.

The first thing I did was to take the corrugated cardboard apart. It started to come apart but kept sticking in places. I found the best result was to use one of my sculpting tools to separate the cardboard. I made sure it was blunt. Anything with an edge would have just gone straight through the cardboard. I only removed one side of the cardboard. If I were to remove both sides the corrugated part would lose its shape. And become to thin to use.

Once I had taken off one side revealing the corrugated part I then cut the piece into strips 45mm tall. I felt this was a good size to act as a fence for 28mm size miniatures. I then folded the strips in on themselve with the corrugated part on the outside.

I then glued the folded piece together. In order to make it look more like corrugated iron I off set the pieces when gluing together. If you look at the top picture you can see the bumps lined up which would be more like a log fence. Pushing the pieces a bit more I was able to offset the bumps as you can see in the bottom picture. I stuck the two halve together using a glue stick. Any paper glue will do.

Once the glue was dry I used my hot glue gun to stick the fence upright on a piece of plastic card. The plastic card was just an off cut I had in my bits and pieces box.

In keeping with the ruins I made the fence was given an undercoat using the Homebase Tester paints I bought. Knowing the cardboard would soak up a lot of the paint I applied a thick coat.

Once dry I painted the fence using Coat d'arms Iron grey (516).

I then went over with Gun metal (142). The picture doesn't look like it but this was just a heavy drybrush and not simply painting the whole fence again.

Now came the interesting part in trying to make the fence look rusty. Unsurprisingly I turned to Coat d'arms Rust (241), starting off with a fairly watered down consistency I brushed the edges of the fence and then applied some across the main body.

The rust required a couple of layers to take. But this was fine because it ended up having light and dark patches, a bit like rust. For a final touch I did go over the edges with the rust paint but not watered down.

I did the bases for the fences in exactly the same way as the main ruins.

For the pipe work it was exactly the same process. Iron grey followed by Gun metal and then Rust. I did take the wire cutters to the pipes before sticking them to the ruins just to add a bit of distressing to them.

So there we have the completed ruins, pipework fences and all.