Cheap Mesh Fencing

In the past I have made fencing with steel mesh normally used for card body repair. But continuing with the cheap battlefield idea I looked around for an alternative. A trip to the pound shop revealed some plastic mesh. A bit on the big side for 28mm figures it was a case of good enough if trying to make scenery with little or no budget.

You can see from the picture that the mesh is on the large side but not too big to make it unusable. For the game I was putting on I decided to make a fence to surround the a logging camp but the fences will be usable in many different games.

This is the plastic mesh I found in the pound shop. Edwards Gutter Guard. The roll was about 6-8 inches wide and about 5m in length. More than enough to cover all my fencing needs. In fact I probably used less than 5% of the roll.

I cut the mesh up into strips about 5cm high and 20cm long. I did this with a pair of scissors it was easier than using a knife. For the rest of the fence construction I need something for the upright poles. I settled on using cocktail sticks as I already had some lying around.

I didn't want to to just glue the cocktail sticks to the fence mesh. I Like to add some realism to any terrain i make and so i dug out some old thin wire and actually tied the cocktail sticks to the fence mesh. It was easy to just wind the wire round and then use some pliers to twist the ends together. I put a pole at each end and also one in the middle of the fence to add some strength to it.

Using some off cuts of blue foam I stuck the fence and poles down using my hot glue gun (most glues don't agree with polystrene and tend to melt it) I use PVA and my hot glue gun for building scenery.

I created about 6 fence pieces which would form the logging compound in the game. I did consider making extra fence pieces as destroyed sections, but ran out of time. i may go back and do that as I have plenty of plastic mesh left.

To breakup the fence monotony I did create some variation with a few holes cut into the fencing as well as adding a few bits of fencing to make it look like sections had been repaired. For these I used the same technique as with the poles using the wire to tie extra bits on.

I then started on painting the fences. As they were black already I didn't bother with an undercoat. I just gave them a drybrushing of silver and gun metal. I then applied a black wash to dull the metal down. Once this was dry I added some rust paint. I wanted the fence to be quite weathered so splashed on the rust quite a bit.

Last bit was just to paint the base, I also added some spare silfor grass tuffs that I had for effect. You can see the finished compound on the main Cheap Battlefield page.