Miniatures & Gaming Gallery

When ever I paint of create something for gaming I like to do a write up so that others can try to recreated it or at least get some inspiration from my projects. I certainly appreciate all the other gamers websites, forums and blogs showing how to and step by step guides. The Battle report galleries are at the bottom of the page.

Fantasy Diorama

Vintage fantasy miniatures in diorama.

Alternative Diorama

Vintage miniatures in various diorama.

Homemade Tripod

My homemade tripod goes hunting.

Celtos Firbolg

Skeletons from my Celtos Firbolg army.

Celtos Flesh Eaters

Flesh Eater units from my Firbolg army.

Celtos Zombies

Zombies and their units from my Firbolg army.

Fantasy Standing Stones

Some scenes using my homemade standing stones.

Fantasy Miniatures

A selection of fantasy figures from my role-playing days.

2mm Sci-fi Scenes

Here I have put together some scenes showing my 2mm sci-fi miniatures.

2mm Sci-fi

A collection of pictures showing the 2mm miniatures I made for Ground Zero Games.

2mm Walkers

Walkers I made for Brigade Models Olympian faction from the Ironclads game.

Starship Miniatures

A small collection of pictures showing some of the starship models I have.

Rockman Army

Pictures of my homemade Rockman army.

10mm Fantasy Miniatures

Pictures of the 10mm fantasy miniatures I painted up to go with the mini dungeon. Fighters, Wizards their all there.

10mm Mini Dungeon

Pictures of the Pendraken 10mm dungeon.

Battles Gallery

I don't get to game as often as I would like but every now and again if I like a particular battle I try and take enough pictures and write up a battle report..

Dalek Civil War

Battle of Dalek vs Dalek featuring 120 Daleks struggling for control of Skaro.

Celtos Battle

Not so much a battle report but more pictures of my clubs Celtos game that was put together as a show game.

Celtos Battle

A massive army of Fomorians clashes with a force of Gaels defending their village.

Celtos Battle

Gaels warriors and Firbolg legions clash in a head on battle over an ancient burial ground.

Combat Zone

Alien invaders make an incursion through the ruins, while human forces take up a defensive position to block the advance. This battle was the end result of my Combat Zone project.

Iron Cow Battle

A sci-fi battle using the Iron Cow rules. Pac Fed forces from Brigade Models take on Japanese forces.