Painting the Conservatory

The conservatory was probably the largest model I'd ever painted. So rather than break open my normal pots of miniature paint, a quick trip to the cellar and I returned with a pot of Dulux 'Once' paint.

I simply painted the whole model in the white paint. It went on very well with good coverage. Next up decided to put the windows in. These were made up of an inside and out side frame with a piece of clear plastic in between.

I used superglue to stick the windows together and despite my best efforts I did get some of the glue on the windows. Luckily the conservatory was supposed to be in a haunted rundown house and so blemished windows wouldn'r be out of place. It was at this stage that I also felt there was something missing from the walls with the windows. The brickwork had added a lot of detail to the interior walls but the other walls looked to bare.

To make the exterior walls look better I cut some very thin strips of plastic card and stuck it on the walls around the windows to make it look more like a frame work with panels. As you can see I also started to paint the floor tiles. Despite the tiles having clear definition my freehand painting skills were pushed to maximum.

After quite a while (had to do the floor tiles in two sittings) the floor was finished and didn't look too bad. You can also make out the frame work I added round the windows. Of course at this point the whole conservatory looked more like a wing of the local hospital. It was far too clean! So the next process was to trash the place.

To start with I applied a thin black ink wash to the floor and walls. I was fairly uneven with it on purpose because I wanted to create the idea of stains.

I then painted on Coat d'arms rust coloured paint along the framework of both te windows and the upper bits I'd added. This I followed up with a brown ink wash to blend the rust paint in bit more. I let the ink washes run down the model and collect in pools to give the conservatory that old used (and unlean) look.

Having applied the washes to the brickwork as well I started to scrape of some of the paint thus revealing the beauty of using the terracotta coloured clay.

All of those touches blended together well to make the conservatory look the way I wanted it to. They are very simple techniques for making things look rusty, old and used.

The last stage was to paint the outside of the conservatory. This was done black to match all the other rooms being painted for the game. Next up I go through Finishing the Conservatory.