Painting the Dungeon

Much to my shame I've still not managed to paint up a complete dungeon using the mini-dungeon I made for Pendraken Miniatures. It's been on my list of projects for a number of years now!

However one of the stumbling blocks has been my resistance to just paint it grey. Every dungeon just gets painted as grey stone which is quite boring and unrealistic. So I've been searching for a way of painting it differently. Eventually I found a brilliant guide to painting stonework here: Painting Stonework and have tried to follow it on a test piece of my dungeon.

Similar to the tutorial I found I've settled on a more sandstone colour. First up I painted the whole piece in dark brown.

I followed this by a straight forward dry brush of linen to provide a contrast.

Then it was a case of selecting three or four colours in the same part of the colour spectrum as the linen and to start painting individual blocks at random. I did this for the walls and floor.

The final stage is a bit of an odd one in that once you have finished painting as many of the individual blocks as you want in different colours you then dry brush the whole piece again using those same colours. Took a bit of getting used to but the technique did help to blend the colours together.
Apart from painting the individual blocks this process is actually quite fast. Next step is to paint the whole dungeon with this technique. Lets hope I can get that done before another couple of years pass!