Cheap Flying Saucer

When I originally decided to create a UFO game for my clubs open day I was convinced I would find a nice cheap model of a flying saucer. I did find lots of models but they were all too expensive (well expensive for me). So I started to look at toy flying saucers but found nothing suitable.

It was at that point I thought of using a plastic plate or bowl and build a saucer from scratch. Somehow a search on Ebay brought up frisbee's and amazingly an actual UFO frisbee! Even better it was already painted and cost £1.78 delivered!

I think the frisbee was intended for dogs as it was made out of latex. This made it a bit bendy and so I made a pyramid structure out of some spare blue foam as an insert.

Unfortunately at this point I decided to repaint the saucer. The original paint job was a bit inconsistent so I went over it again in practically the same scheme. Just did a better job of it.

The saucer was finished at this point but I wanted it to look like it had crashed. However I didn't want to change the model so that the only way it could be used was as a crashed ship. What I came up with was to create an extra bit of terrain that would fit next to the saucer to make it look as if it had ploughed into the ground.

I used a bit of the blue foam as a base and using the same technique as for my Earth Elemental, the left over bits of my yoga brick were glued together to form a pile of earth and rocks. I kept sticking bits on until I had a good enough pile which looked like part of the saucer edge had been buried.

When the pile of rocks and dirt was big enough I then painted it, trying to match the colour of my gaming mat. I also added a bit of flock to give that ploughed up ground look.

Although the rubble pile was complete at this stage, for the game I was putting on I positioned the crashed saucer as having crashed through some fencing. So I made some more fencing and bent it around the rubble pile. I think this made the crashed saucer look much better.