Sculpting Portfolio

Welcome to my sculpting section. Here I have put up details of my sculpting portfolio and a number of articles showing how I went about sculpting those miniatures. I created my first sculpts back in 2001 and have continued improving (of a sort) and been lucky enough in that time to have many of the sculpts I've made produced commercially. I no longer take commissions for sculpting since real life commitments prevent me from working to tight deadlines. However I'm still managing to turn out a few sculpts a year, one or two of which may be useful to other gamers. Clicking on a picture in my portfolio will bring up a selection of photos showing my work in more detail.

I've always liked working in small scale and on ideas for miniatures that aren't commonly available. I like to be different in my sculpting. My varied portfolio of miniatures includes Fantasy aircraft, monsters made of books and a complete mini scale dungeon!

2mm Sci-Fi Miniatures

2nd January 2007

A look at the range of 2mm sci-fi vehicles I made, including tanks, planes, walkers and infantry.

6mm Sci-Fi Infantry

8th June 2010

Article about how I made my first 6mm infantry miniatures.

2mm Cyber Tank

2nd April 2008

Article about making the 2mm Cyber Tank.

10mm Mini Dungeon

2nd January 2003

The complete project including, monsters, furniture and the dungeon its self.

28mm Pulp Robot

1st March 2010

How I made a simple yet effective pulp robot.

28mm Giant Ant

1st March 2010

Making of my first 28mm scale creature.

2mm Dropship

Coming Soon

Details of how I built a spherical dropship.

Book Golem

Coming Soon

Details of my famous book golem, I made for Black Cat Bases.

Fantasy Warplanes

Coming Soon

Details of planes I made for a private customer

28mm UAV

1st March 2010

A couple of flying drones I created

Building 2mm Walkers

3rd October 2010

A guide to assembling the 2mm walkers I made for Brigade Models.