Making Stuff

When ever I paint of create something for gaming I like to do a write up so that others can try to recreated it or at least get some inspiration from my projects. I certainly appreciate all the other gamers websites, forums and blogs showing how to and step by step guides.

Shanty Town

10th March 2015

Scratchbuilt 28mm Shanty Town

Spider Bots

15th January 2015

Scratchbuilt Spider Bots

Alternative Cybermen

29th July 2014

Alternative miniatures converted into Cybermen.

Cyberman Project 2

29th July 2014

Painting my homemade Cyber Army.

Cyberman Project 1

29th July 2014

Creating my own Cybermen conversions.

Tripod Project 2

16th July 2013

Painting my homemade tripod fighting machine.

Tripod Project 1

16th July 2013

My scratch built tripod fighting machine.

Dalek Project 4

18th June 2013

Last bits of painting and some Dalek scenery.

Dalek Project 3

12th June 2013

Painting up of the first Dalek Faction..

Dalek Project 2

4th May 2013

Assessment and cleaning of plastic Daleks.

Dalek Project

3rd May 2013

My ambitious Dalek wargame project.

Cheap Battlefield

14th April 2013

Making a cool looking battlefield on the cheap.

Cheap Flying Saucer

14th April 2013

Need that classic UFO saucer for your games?

Quick & Easy Bushes

14th April 2013

Nice quick and easy bushes made from a cheap birds nest!

Cheap Trees

14th April 2013

How to make realistic trees from, well real trees in fact.

Cheap Mesh Fencing

14th April 2013

Cheap mesh fencing made from plastic gutter guard.


28th December 2012

15mm miniatures as 2mm Megatanks.

Homemade Wraiths

8th March 2012

Homemade wraiths for all those gamers on a budget.

Alien Pasta Plants

13th September 2011

A guide to making dried pasta into plant like scenery.

Building a Conservatory

20th June 2011

Conservatory model for the 2011 Frothers Salute game.

Painting Conservatory

20th June 2011

A guide to how I painted the Conservatory model.

Finishing Conservatory

20th June 2011

Adding the finishing touches to the Conservatory model,.

Vehicle Wrecks

8th September 2010

Turning toy vehicles into burnt out wrecks.

The 10mm Dungeon

6th September 2010

First test of painting the 10mm dungeon.

Combat Zone Project p.2

20th August 2010

Combat zone project looking at miniatures and total costs.

Combat Zone Miniatures

20th August 2010

How I painted the two forces I used Combat Zone.

Combat Zone Project p.1

9th July 2010

My project to put together a game of Combat Zone.

Corrugated Iron Fences

9th July 2010

Making rusty corrugated fences from cardboard.

Post Apocalyptic Ruins

9th July 2010

Guide to building ruins using a sponge yoga block (yes really!)

Painting Tiny Miniatures

1st May 2010

Paint 2mm scale miniatures for best effect..

Earth Elemental p.2

1st May 2010

How I painted my homemade Earth Elemental..

Earth Elemental p.1

1st May 2010

Sponge yoga block to Earth Elemental.

Painting Undead

1st May 2010

A step by step guide to how I paint undead miniatures quickly.

Armoured Thrust Project

20th April 2010

Details of my own 2mm Sci-Fi wargame Armoured Thrust.

Building a Wickerman

2nd April 2008

How to build a wickerman model, out of real wood!.

Painting the Wickerman

2nd April 2008

How I painted my home made wickerman model.