Making Burntout Wrecks

To add yet more scenery to my Sci-fi battlefields I decided to do some burnt out vehicles. The idea actually came to me when clearing out and old box of toys and finding two vans of a suitable size to fit with 28mm miniatures.

After building rusty fences for my games it seemed fairly obvious that I could use the same technique on these models. The first step was to make them look like wrecks, that was the easy part.

The first van I took completely apart so that just the bodywork remained. I then took it out into the garden and hit it a few times with a hammer. I probably should mention at this point that the actual toys had a metal body, so there was no danger of the plastic shattering but the technique made some realistic looking dents. I then mounted it on an old CD and added a bit of flock, rocks etc.

For the second model I thought I would keep in more intact and so I removed the plastic windows but left the wheels and bottom of the vehicle in place. I did put a few dents in it, mainly to slope the roof as I intended to place it upside down.

All that remained was to paint them. As prevously mentioned I used exactly the same technique as the rusty fences. An undercoat of Iron Grey, Gun Metal then a black wash before applying a dab of watered down rust where appropriate. Easy to do really and definitely look the part on the battlefield amongst my home meade ruins.